In the early 1970's, about a dozen guys from the Grand Rapids area were definitely into cars.  They talked cars and they had cars.  They talked about other car clubs, the Diablo's and the Pharough's, and they decided they would form a club of their own.  Thus "Range Rods and Street Machines" was born.  It was strictly a 'guys' club for several years, but as interest grew the wives and kids started attending the meetings.  The club focused on getting together for a good time and they had a car show each year.
In 1984 there were about twelve couples in the club and they decided that they needed a name change; Range Rods and Street Machines was a bit of a mouthful.  After putting together a list of possibilities the members decided to change the club name to 'Northern Cruisers Car Club'.  They meet once a month and what started as a guys group had become a family activity.
In 2018 the club will host our 34th Annual" Northern Cruisers Weekend of Wheels Car Show.  Our membership has grown from the original dozen to now include many of the "old-timers," families as well  as a new generation of Cruisers and everyone is having a blast. We now total over fifty members.  Some of the original members are still in the club and a lot has happened in the last thirty plus years.  In addition to our annual car show the club will be hosting our third MSRA Fall Campout in 2018-2019.  Each year members attend several area car shows and go on many cruises.  We are always looking for new members to join our club.
We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at Dave Bishop's shop. You don't have to own a show car to belong to our club... You just have to love cars! Come check us out!